You just attempted to move your WordPress install to your new hosting provider and it won’t load. You get the WordPress White Screen of Death! Then you might get the 500 Error or even the “Unable to connect to database”! No one wants this to be their day when attempting to save a few dollars by moving to a new WebHost. Why would you want this? Why not just have a team of professionals do it for you?

  Have a Team of Professional Website and WordPress Migration Pro’s ensure your site reloads and fast. Without any major issues or studders that are beyond our control. Ensure you get a Team of Pro’s that is able to tell you exactly what you need to tell to who and when once your migration is done. Things like updating where your domain is pointed to after your website has been moved. Then also ensuring you know the number and exactly what to tell them because we emailed the instructions as we were completing the site migration.

  So trust in Migrate My Shit .Online to handle all of your website migration needs. For more than one – 3 Website Migrations contact us for possible discounts for larger amounts of sights! Make sure to get a WordPress Expert to Migrate WordPress Site for You!

Happy Migrations To Date!