Is your WordPress complaining you can’t upgrade to the newest version due to PHP 5.4 or lower? Do you need to get moved to a Hosting Environment that will allow for PHP 7.4 but don’t have a clue how to get that done now?

Did your provider tell you “We will move you when we can” or “We will move you in the order we are moving servers, but don’t know when that will be”? Then we are here to help you! Our Migration Teams Specialize in getting WordPress Sites Moved from one server to another even if that requires an upgrade along the way. We are here to help!

We don’t use 3rd parties to do our work for us. We can even help redo things to your site with our sister company (as in we share our engineers with them) to assist with things beyond just migrating your WordPress Site to a New Hosting Provider. So check with us before making your next hosting move!

Happy Migrations To Date!