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Why is Data Migration so important?

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Why is Data Migration so important?

Why is Data Migration like email migration, Office 365 Migration, Website Migration, Database Migration, and other Migrations so needed in today’s world?

First off the Internet isn’t some huge “CLOUD” like everyone thinks it is. When you buy space “ON THE CLOUD” as everyone says it. You are really buying space on multiple servers. Some will call a Content Delivery Network or CDN “The Cloud” and some will simply have redundant systems around the world that copy your data to multiple servers for backup and restores instantaneously, but none of these are really what we believe in our heads to be truly what “The Cloud” is.
So to ensure we take our data with us when we move to a new provider due to someone retiring that managed it all or some large company not being as good as they use to be when they were smaller we all need Pro Migration Services. So no matter the reason it becomes time to move to greener pastors we take everything we have with us.
So here comes time for the “Data Migration” to a new provider. Which isn’t a bad thing bad any means. You help that provider get old servers eliminated and also help weed out the ones not staying with the times or losing their “QoS” (Quality of Service) over time.
So now you know why you would get a Migration but really what is it? Also, why is it so hard to do? Data Migrations of any kind can be painstaking. Sometimes you can’t load the older version of the server that the old provider had and the new one requires the data to be converted. Then in almost all cases the new provider nor the old one are of ANY HELP at all in these cases. They both call it “Self-Managed Services”, and the one you are leaving really doesn’t want to help because you are leaving them.
So where does that leave you and your mission-critical information or just a huge library of stuff you don’t want to lose? Needing Pro Migration Services from to make sure ALL of your things make it to the new hosting provider. No matter if that is some emails, a WordPress site, an entire Office 365 Suite and Onedrive for a large Hospital, or the cPanel account you rarely touch. We have your back!
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Office365 (O365) Pro-Service Migrations

Let’s talk about “What is an Office 365 Migration?” and “What is the difference between an Email Migration and an Office 365 Migration?” We will followup with finding out what an Office 365 (O365) Pro-Services Migration is from Migrate My Shit .Online and why having a Pro-Service Migration is better than just attempting to move things yourself.

What is an Office 365 Migration? This is when you decide to move from One Office 365 (O365) Hosting Provider to Another. Some of the big names include but are not limited too,,, and so many more are coming to help host Business Class Office365 Solutions. Making the competitiveness of pricing in the market an ever-changing landscape currently. One is the cheapest or works best today, but maybe not tomorrow. Opening a need for Pro-Service Migrations to ensure all of your Business Data is Migrated to the new provider with ease and reliability.

What is the difference between just getting an Email Migration and an Office 365 Migration? An Email Migration is when you just have an Email Service like cPanel Email or’s WorkSpace Email and want to move to Office 365 (O365) Email or Full Business Suite. This can also include if you just have an Email Essentials Plan of Office 365 or if you only use the Email Aspect of Office 365 (O365) and none of the other store aspect of it. Meaning you haven’t saved anything in OneDrive or Applications like Excel, PowerPoint, or anything else into the “Cloud”. If you did save stuff into these area’s this is where Office 365 (O365) Pro-Service Migrations come in. It moves all of your data in those other applications and your Email in one Simple Migration Process. All handled by your Favorite Migration Team, Migrate My Shit .Online!

Why do I want an Office 365 (365) Pro Services Migration from Migrate My Shit .Online and what is it? The Pro Services Migration from Migrate My Shit .Online is a Service that ensures you looked in all of the places that may have been missed by your employee or yourself when you are moving from to or even to a Self Hosted Service back out to one of those too. We get how this works and where everything is stored on all of these types of installs. We catch what you might miss on your own. So let us do it for you! We handle the 1TB worth of Data in the OneDrive area and make sure it’s moved to the new hosting area too. Meaning a much simpler Migration from one great priced deal to another. No Longer do you have to be chained to unreasonable renewal rates. We can migrate you so you can save more over the years you pay for on the new user sign-ups!